About us

Influencer Your Health with Influencer Health!

Get The Best  Motivation For your Health Journey by your Own Favourite Influencers

What do we do?

Influencer Health is a platform through which you can request a personalized video message and another communication medium with your beloved influencer or celebrity and get to know about their health journey as well as their goals. 

Let your Heart Throb for the Healthy things your favorite celeb does

Why choose to just be fascinated by just their looks, style, and jazz, get to know the hard work they put in for that perfect bod!

With Influencerhealth.in a fan gets an entry to the soul, home, and struggles of their celebrity crush which is done through Personalized Videos, Direct Messages, Live Video Calls, and even Wishes On-Radio.

Get those Happy Hormones to work

Gift Your loved one’s Influencer Health Customized videos and motivate them for a better health journey, they just need that exciting push. You can choose audio, and message too!