Kailash Kher

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Kailash Kher

Kailash Kher was born on 7 July 1973 in the city of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. His father Pandit Mehar Singh Kher was a priest by profession and often sang traditional Sufi music at events held in the surrounding areas. Kailash learnt music from his father. He came to Delhi in the year 1999 and started the export business with some of his family friends, but he suffered losses in it. Due to this, he also had to face a lot of mental stress. 

He later moved to Singapore and Thailand to earn money since he did not like the life there, he returned. During this time he sang hymns and Sufi music of saints and he felt that he can make his mark in singing. So, he came to Mumbai where he had to struggle a lot. After several years of struggling in Mumbai, the film Andaz got a break from the song 'Rabba Ishq Na Howe' but Kailash's luck flashed with the song 'Alla Ke Bandhe' in the film 'Waisa Bhi Hota Hai'. Kailash has been awarded several awards for his excellent singing. The Government of India has honored him with Padma Shri. Kailash Kher believes that you become what you think. 

So let’s know about his daily routine and health.